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Hi, I'm Salavat Fidai - the creator, artist, sculptor and filmmaker from Charlotte, NC, USA 


My art is a challenge to myself and my abilities. First and foremost, I am interested in exploring the limits of human physical capabilities. Every time I create a sculpture on the tip of a pencil, I explore what else I can make from this very fragile material in such a small size. Can I achieve precision in the depiction, convey its grace, and strive for perfection?


I am also drawn to the uniqueness and extraordinary nature of this form of creativity. Just when it seems that everything has already been invented and discovered, and all that's left is to follow the established norms, I suddenly discover a completely new form of art. Everyone uses a pencil as a tool. But I made the pencil into a rare piece of art!


Therefore, today, I am inspired by the idea of recognizing graphite micro-sculptures as a new direction in world Art. To move from the realm of craftsmanship or folk art to a place of mainstream Art. To stand alongside sculptures made from other materials like granite, stone, bronze, and etc.


I would like to inspire other artists with this example not to be afraid to experiment and create from various new materials. People can find beauty everywhere, even in ordinary, simple objects.


My big dream is to create a Museum of graphite micro-sculptures. I would like to establish a space for the exhibition and permanent storage of my works and sculptures from other artists around the world. This would be the first institution of its kind and direction.

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